Our Classroom Environment


Our class uses a clip chart system to track behavior.  Please read below to see what each level means.  The color he/she ends the day on, will be noted in agendas.

You Rock! (white): The top level. The student made excellent choices throughout the day. This level is difficult to achieve. When a student reaches this level, they will receive a sticker towards the treasure box.

Great Day (green): Everyone starts the day on green every day. Most days children will be on green the entire day. Please note that being on green is not a negative thing.

Warning (yellow): This level is reached when a child makes a bad choice. I will give him/her a warning first, allowing the behavior to be corrected.

Think About It (red): If a child continues to make a bad choice, they will be given time to calm down and think about their decisions. We will discuss correct behaviors before the child returns to the group.

Teachers Choice (blue): If bad choices continue to be made, the child clips down to blue and will have a consequence. This can mean no recess, missing a fun activity, changing seats etc.

Parent Contact (purple): If a child continues to make bad choices, he/she will clip down to purple. This means that I will be calling home or sending a note home to let you know that the child reached this level. If something serious happens, he/she will be referred to the office.