Lake City Early Childhood Center

School Supplies



Book   bag-No rolling ones, please

A   change of clothes to keep at school

*shirt,   shorts, underwear, socks*

Please   write your child’s name on everything

Towels   or blankets for rest time (2)

Glue   Sticks (4)

Box   of Kleenex (1)

24   count Crayons (1)

10   count of Markers (1)


Copy   Paper (3)

Quart   size Ziploc bags (1)

Gallon   size Ziploc bags (1)

Snack   Size Ziploc bags (1)

24 pack of pencils


First Grade

24 count Crayons (2)

10 pack of markers (1)

Pack of cap erasers (1)

Glue Sticks (4)

24 pack of pencils (2)

Pencil box (1)

Scissors (1)

Plastic 2-pocket folders (2)

Box   of Kleenex (2)

Marble   Journals (2)

Dry   Erase Markers (1)

Copy   Paper (3)


Second   Grade

1 subject spiral notebooks (8)

24 count Crayons (1)

Glue Sticks (2)

Loose-leaf paper, wide ruled (2)

Marble Journal (3)

24   pack of pencils (2)

Pencil   box (1)

Pack   of Markers (1)

Pack   of erasers (1)

Pack   of dry erase crayons (1)

Pocket   folders(4)

Binder   (1)

Box   of Kleenex (2)

Copy   Paper (3)







Please note this is a suggested list of supplies for school. A book bag, paper, and pencils are a necessity.
We look forward to a successful year at Lake City Early Childhood Center!



LCECC: "Building Excellence: Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day!"


FSD3:  "Ensuring Our Students Are College and/or Career Ready!"





 Looking for ways to help your primary student with his/her reading skills? Please check out the Reading Rocket reading tips in our school publication section.


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Teachers Receive Needed Donations from

     Thanks to the LCECC art room has 2 new iPad minis. is an online charity that allows teachers to post project request for their classroom needs. When a project reaches full funding, ships the requested materials to the teacher.  

     Art teacher Staci Stevens recently wrote a project titled "Technology + Art = Success" that requested 2 iPad minis. Smiles, giggles, oohs, and ahhs have been seen and heard in the art room since our new iPad minis have arrived. Mrs. Stevens is so grateful to be able to give her students these new experiences. The students have been so excited to use the iPads and have commented many times about how much fun they are having while using them. 

     The students are now using the Pottery App to create pieces of pottery, ZoodlePad App to draw, SpinArt App to create new paintings, and Photobooth to take pictures using lots of different filters. These Apps are giving students experiences with clay, painting, and photography daily when they come to art. The students are allowed to explore these Apps and spend time on the ones that truly interest them. Students are motivated to complete their other assignments to be able to spend extra time on the iPads. 

     Mrs. Stevens is truly grateful to have this new technology in her classroom. "It gives me the opportunity to think about my teaching in a new way. My students are having so much fun and are so excited to use the iPads and many Apps," said Mrs. Stevens.  Without donations through, this technology in the artroom would not be possible. Please check out​ for future projects. 

     A special thank you to donors Yvonne Scott, Dianne Oliver, Lee Wilson of Horace Mann, Stephanie Ham, Mary Howard, Terese Patterson, Michael Purvis, Marc from Ohio, and several anonymous donors for making this project possible. 




 Shadow People Spotted at LCECC

Students in Ms. Ham's first grade class have been studying shadows and the effect that light can have on them. As part of the unit, students recently participated in an Arts Integration lesson in which art teacher Ms. Stevens taught students how to create aluminum foil sculptures. The students in turn used flashlights as artificial light sources to create shadows. Then they traced the shadows to record their positions, creating a another art piece: silhouette portraits. The students had a blast with the project.



LCECC Holds Annual Trunk-Or-Treat celebration

Staff, students, parents and community members came together to give the students a safe alternative to trick-or-treating this Halloween. The festivities consisted of a character parade, in which students and staff dressed as their favorite book characters, followed by "Trunk-orTreating" around the loop in front of the school. More than twenty trunks were decorated and decked out in scary good fashion. As students donned their costumes and made the rounds, they received delicious treats of all kinds.



Grandparents’ Day at LCECC


At LCECC, we believe that grandparents are a special part of our children’s lives. Grandparents are a link to the past, a valuable knowledge bank, and an awesome resource. Children often feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when they know that people in their extended family and community are interested in and concerned about their education. In order to celebrate this special bond and these extraordinary people, LCECC held its annual Grandparents’ Day breakfast. An invitation was extended to all grandparents and over 250 attended the morning event. Following the breakfast, grandparents took the opportunity to visit classrooms and observe lessons. The event received much praise from attendees and a good time was had by all.



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