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 "Oh The Places You'll Go!"


LCECC is taking a journey through books

this year to stretch little minds.

We hope that you join us on

this journey and read nightly

with your child to build the love of literacy.


 Join us for our Colonial Day celebration on Wednesday,

November 18th! Students may dress as Pilgrims or Native



Please join us for our Thanksgiving Feast on Thursday,

November 17th!



Congratulations to our 5K Class President, Dorothy Frost!

After completing a unit of study on elections and voting,
Kindergarten students held an election for president

and vice president.



This event has been  
rescheduled for
 January 19, 2016.


  Read Your Way to the Big Game!

LCECC students joined students in South Carolina

with the Read Your Way to the Big Game challenge.

Students read grade level appropriate books for a

chance to win tickets to the Big Game.

Students received a bookmark and a

certificate for participation in the program.

In the USC/Clemson reading challenge,

Clemson reading fans won the contest!




Please encourage your students to be a part

of our Reading Counts challenge!

Students are encouraged to read leveled books

and take a Reading Counts test on the books read.

A classroom reward will be given to the

homeroom with the most books read.

Also, individual incentives will be given to students

as they read and test on the books.

Awards will be given for the top readers

in each grade level. Remember readers make leaders!


 Looking for ways to help your primary student with his/her reading skills?

Please check out the Reading Rocket reading tips in our school publication section.

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Bottoms: Khaki and Navy Blue


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11/23/2015 to 11/27/2015
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